Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rumble By The River

This week, I haven't had access to Wi-Fi.. But right now I'm sitting at a Starbucks in Long Beach, right across the old Welch Restaurant, which was owned by Wally Welch's family, and which his Merc was photographed in front of. That's what I like best of Los Angeles, the history, not what it has become..

Anyway, last weekend, me and my good friend Alex Barrios decided to go to Bakersfield at the Hot Rod Reunion. However, Sonja and Brad convinced us to go to the Taildraggers' car show, Rumble By The River in Laughlin, Nevada/Arizona! That's just what we did!

If you are the kind of guy that don't have the time to read and browse through the photos, just hit the play button and see the trip and car show!

We decided to take my little wagon. So on friday, we had to do some preparations before the trip. My motor mounts were kind of worn, so me and my friend Jay from college bought and installed new engine and trans mounts, installed a Stereo, replaced the light switch and lubed it up!

Alex stopped by when he was done at work, and polished the whole car! That old original paint rubs out nice!

We got a couple of hours sleep, and left around 5:30 am in the morning. I just love driving at this time, when nobody else is on the road!

The car ran great, and it's such a cozy ride to make road trips in!

The sun peeking out from the dessert! Magic sight!

We took a well deserved lunch break when we reached Victorville.

I like this old wagon, perfect daily driver!

Then it was Alex' turn to drive!

Then I was able to enjoy the nice dessert scenery!

Alex acting like a rebel..

Then we finally hit the Casino's in Laughlin. We stayed here a bit and fooled around.

We just had to stop and take a swim in the beautiful Colorado River! BBQ was also a must!

We stumbled upon this guy in the river. His name was Don, from the West Texas town of El Paso. He was retired, and just spent his spare time to travelled around and explore America. He worked as a mechanic for Chevrolet for 50 years, and he was stoked about the wagon. He liked old cars, so we asked if he wanted to join the car show with us.

He was a kool fella with lot of stories to tell!

He tuned up the ignition and carb, making it run like a devil! This guy knew these six-bangers as his own pocket!

And here's the photos from the show!

There was also a Pin-up contest!

After the clock chimed 10, we went hiding in the Casino!

Don only had $20 on him. He wanted to join us to Los Angeles, but he did not have enough gas money. Luckily he won $280 on the slot machines!

Hanging out in the Red Light District Bar!

We left about 7am in the mornning, Westbound!

Gaining back lost sleep!

All in all, I must say the trip and car show was great! Looking forward to next trip! When and where is the next car show nearby Los Angeles??

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