Monday, November 4, 2013

The Kansas Trip - Part II

Been very busy at the shop and school this week, but now it's sunday and computer time! So I will give you part 2 of our Kansas trip to the Kustom Kemps of America, 2013

I Really liked this mild and subtle Merc. Shows that less is more.

Marlyn Englert's 1956 Chevy, an old 1950's custom from Minnesota 

Legendary Bill Hines supervised the chop on this 1953 Dodge.

Alex Gambino cutting of the rear portion of the Dodge.

Brad Masterson gas welding the door posts.

Gene Winfield's Econoline Pickup - The Pacifia

After the show on Saturday, there was a drag race at the local Drag Strip. Brad decided to try the T on the strip!

Brad happy, because he won!

Then we headed of to get something to eat!

John Wayne & Cannonball wanted to eat here.

But we figured out nothing could beat the famous Cozy Inn Hamburgers!

When the night came, there was a get-to-gether at the hotel. We stuffed the truck full of people and made a splash entry!

John Wayne & Cannonball having a good time!

After a loong day, we got something to eat on the way back.

John Wayne was angry because we did not choose the Hong Kong buffet

But Cannonball did not give a shit.

Neither did Dr.Dre

So we all smiled and ate what we got!

Next morning, it was raining.. The tires on the Olds was a bit slippery in the rain, so we got a fresh set of tires on the way home!

Then we were ready to roll!

America is a beautiful country I must say!

Dre slept through the rain

But woke quick up when our front tire blew!

After closer inspection, we found out the tire was from 1996.. Brad got them from a friend right before we went for the trip!

I had to publish this photo, because I captured a lightning struck! Look in the middle above the pond!

Right before the tire blew, the radio went nuts, adjusting the volume to max by itself, and it refused to crank down! So I slowed down the speed, good thing, because then the tire blew in not high speed!

Finally Brad returned with a fresh tire. This was in Pratt, Oklahoma, same place as the tire blew out on the Rod & Custom Dream Truck!!

In Oklahoma, me and Dre took over the T!

It's so nice to drive through USA in a 1923 Model-T!!

Almost like driving a motorcycle, you feel free as a bird!

We drove through New Mexico without T-shirts. And yes, we got burned!

The Fuel pump on the truck kept messing a bit!

We stopped and looked at every piece of junk we spotted along Route 66!

So many great projects!!

This is life!

Sunset in Texas! Good sight!! 
Fancy Ol' motel along Route 66

And here comes some of the junk cars we spotted! Enjoy!

Many of them only looks like need a decent paint job!

This is for my uncle Kjell!

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