Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day At College!
Well, I finally started school. Last week after taking some tests and orientation, they enrolled me into classes like math, chemistry, and english.. Turned out, all international students have to go through that shit to get an A.A. degree. I could not do anything else than accept this offer. Anyhow, it's worth it to be able to stay in this country and document all the history that might be gone in a couple of years.

My Luck Turns Around
I woke up Monday morning about 6am. Ready as an egg, I left the shop at 7 in Brad's yellow T-Bucket! I parked in front of the Automotive Department and headed towards the International Student Center to get my final class schedule. My first class was scheduled 12:30, Math 60 it said. Returning back to the T-Bucket, a man ran out from the Auto Department. He asked if I drove the T-Bucket to school, and I said yes. He had never seen a students driving a Hot Rod to school in his past 30 year career of working at the school, and was quite impressed by the whole thing. He got even more fired up when he found out that I was a 19 year old kid that had travelled half the world to attend Auto & Body in California. He wondered what classes I had, I showed him my schedule with all the dull stuff. I saw he got kind of confused when he saw what they'd put me up to. He could not believe they'd put me in all those bullshit classes when my main focus was automotive courses. "We must see the Dean, this does not make sense at all!" He explained to the Dean that it was ridiculous to enroll me into those classes I had received. "He has travelled all the way from the North Pole, give the boy a chance!"

A Deal Was Made
And I got to enter the automotive courses I wanted to! I thank the Kustom Gods for that! Just unbelievable! After that, I drove back to the shop and continued working for Brad. Tomorrow, I don't have classes until 5:30pm, such strange times they have classes in this country!

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