Sunday, September 1, 2013

The New Masterson Kustoms Lynwood East Shop, designed by Kustomrama!

 What's up with american people and bars in front of windows and doors? To be honest, it looks like crap. It gives a feeling that you are in jail, it takes your freedom away from you! Hell, they are ment to prevent burglars, but if someone wants to brake in, they get in no matter what. So me and Brad decided to tear the shit down, and make the place kool!

Look at Rat Fink, in jail poor guy..
There's nothing a torch can't fix!

Vikings don't like bars! Me and Dr. Dre cutting them down! All the people that went by wondered why we'd removed the bars. They are so sissies here.. They're even afraid of non-pasturized milk here, the cashier gave me a warning that it could kill me, geez!

Rat Fink is no longer in jail!!
However, the next morning Rat Fink had ran away! He brought with him the fugly purple color and gay decorated electricity box! The light poles were also brought back to how they were in the Barris days, without gangsta tags!
My brother Sondre Kvipt made new designs for us on photoshop. We printed them out on transparencies and used a projector to figure out were we wanted them.

We were in lack of an office, so we made one.

I used the pressure washer to make the wood look old and whittered. These are the new frames for the doors.

Brad and I painted my relative, Jim Kierstead's 1939 Merc on the door.

After 4 hours of hard labor, this is how it looked like when we were done at 8pm! Just in time to hear the Smut Peddlers play live in Costa Mesa!

-We hopped in the truck..

-Picked up some chicks..

-And there we were!

Steve-O from Jackass was there as well!

The Smut Peddlers really rocked, and they made a lot of songs for the tv-series Jackass!

Concert approved!

Brad liked it to!

The morning after, it was awesome to see how the shop appeared in daylight!

Norske preget!

We are still not finished. We are going to reshape the square window openings to oval. 

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