Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Re-Opening of the shop, and the 56th Annual Masterson Fireparty

This Saturday was a night I never will forget. We hosted the Grand Re-Opening of the shop, and the Annual Fireparty to remember the fire that caught the Barris Shop on December 7th, 1957.  Bill Hines, George Barris and Jack Stewart made a special guest appearance, and it was really special to see them wonder around in the shop. Those people are artists, they created timeless art, in form of cars. It's something with it that's so unique..

We cleaned the shop and arranged the cars up nice before the party.

People began to show up around noon.

Bill Hines rolled up at sundown

Jack Rudy with his 1953 Chevy

An ol' Masterson Kustom

Bill Hines Jr. showed me the golden engine that nestled under the hood.

Here Jack and George are remembering old times. What a trip! And Jack brought me a christmas present!

George ready to grind some lead!


Kevan Sledge and Brad
Beatnick Joe enjoyed the party to!

Riky Barnes and the Pushers really got the joint rocking!

Brad, Kevan and I stayed up all night and talked about our future, and what we want to do! More about this later!

Rob, Kevan and I decided to take a nice Sunday cruise in my wagon. Here we are at the old Barris Shop, at 7674 Compton Ave.

Kevan had to buy beer at the famous Rex Liquor Store!
The wagon went out of gas in a really bad neighborhood in Inglewood! It was kind of thrilling!

That was all for this time folks! If you weren't there, you really missed out on something good!

Monday, November 25, 2013

George Barris' 88th Birthday Party!

Today was a day that I've been looking forward to! We were invited to George Barris' birthday party, the King of Kustoms himself. A year ago, back in freezing Norway, I never thought I would be a part of this. But pinch my arm, dang it's real!!

Bill Hines called Brad the evening before and asked if he could meet us at the show, so he could tag along with us up to North Hollywod. Here he is with his wicked Lil Bat!

That car is actually quite neat to see drive in the streets!

And there we were!
Here's Piero and Brett

Jack Stewart & Gene Winfield.

George got a new car! "Is that for me?"

"Hm, what is that? A Volkswagen?"

"I like it!!"

"Now bring the babes!"
"Man, that guy gets all the chicks.."

George & Marilyn Monroe reunited again!

Meanwhile, I hooked up with famous NASCAR legend Linda Vaughn. Her car did not start, so I lend a helping hand.

Yeah, this is how she looked like back in the days.

Proud of all the things this man has done to the Kustom world. It is people like him that has inspired me to do what I am doing, travelling half the world around to live in the shop where he once operated the worlds most famous Kustom shop.

And this is the fellow from the Munsters!

This Chopit Chevy has nice proportions.